RATEP-INNOVATSIYA is a stable and reliable company, which focuses on production of railroad goods, telecommunications and server cabinets, racks and other equipment. Our experts develop and produce high quality electric equipment for mainline diesel and shunting diesel locomotives. Our company also produces operating rooms, driving consoles, converting equipment and controlling systems.

We offer a full range of services to our customers:

  • Preparing design documentation on technical requirements;
  • Equipment manufacturing, testing and delivery;
  • Carrying out start-up and commission;
  • Technical support, including after-sales service;
  • Technical advice.

We have built trust-based relations with our customers during our long performance. Thanks to the gathered experience, we have achieved the accurate and smooth running business arrangements with the general rolling stock developers, have created operational cooperation system with the road management, motive-power depots, which use locomotives with our equipment and selected the best suppliers of materials and accessories and set steady partnership relations with them. Our relations are based on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation. The factors named above help us to keep up to date, to be aware of all the latest opportunities and offer interesting and nonstandard solutions to our customers.