Our plant and equipment

Today the LLC ‘RATEP-INNOVATSIYA’ has a great base of modern equipment produced by the leading world manufacturers such as ‘Amada’, ‘Haeger’ and others.

The support and development of the manufacturing and technological base of the company is the basis of its stability, high competitiveness and is the key to its future achievements.

Сушка GVA_0502 GVA_0222 GVA_0532 GVA_0456 Цеха ООО "РАТЕП-ИННОВАЦИЯ" IMG_7348 GVA_0066 GVA_0429 GVA_0300  Комплекс «Амада» по изготовлению унифицированных и нестандартных шкафов Штамповка IMG_7329 Штамповка IMG_7330 GVA_0198 IMG_7320 Цеха ООО "РАТЕП-ИННОВАЦИЯ" Цеха ООО "РАТЕП-ИННОВАЦИЯ" Покраска GVA_0388 GVA_0090 Гибка GVA_0472 IMG_7337 GVA_0525 Гибка