Open telecommunication racks

  • Open racks provide highly effective and cost optimized storage of the rack IT equipment;
  • Open racks are ideal for the installation of the server, network and telecommunication equipment with high density of placement with the absence of any requirements of safety at each concrete level of a rack;
  • Open racks provide free air exchange, and fast and easy access to the installed equipment;
  • They give the opportunity of the vertical installation of PDU and also optimize the cable connections with the help of the installation cuts witch allow to use special latches without the usage of any additional tools, this fact guarantees the fast and comfortable installation of the equipment;
  • The rack guides have the standard square perforation compatible with the majority of fixing sets;
  • It is possible to fix the rack to the floor (there are some special holes in the basis), or to equip it with rollers if it is necessary to move it. The wide choice of accessories will allow to place the equipment with great comfort and connect the cables with the great effect;
  • The unified construction of the open racks provides the compatibility with the majority of standard sizes of the equipment – sledge servers, standard 19"equipment, shelves of various depth, organizers;
  • The special holes in the racks allow installing the profiles of the double racks on the distance of 200, 400 and 600 mm from each other. It is recommended to fix the racks to the floor in cases of big loading. For this purpose, there are special fixing holes. Our open racks are covered with the wear proof polymeric paint of RAL 7032 color;
  • The open universal and server racks have the extra-heavy construction, small weight, have no welded seams, provide a possibility to install some additional components, besides all these facts they also have the aesthetic appearance.