Mission, Vision and Values of LLC “RATEP- INNOVATSIYA”


Our master product is the perfection of an innovation excellence!

The maximal satisfaction of our clients can be reached with help of delivery high qualified, safe and competitive products. Factory-made goods are developing and running into production within the shortest period of time. We also should achieve the perfection of all manufacturing systems with help of reducing production timelines and lowering of enhancement and expenses. Besides, warranty and post warranty service development and making good partnership agreements with our workers and suppliers - are our main goals.


  • Straight dealing and scrupulousness. We act honestly and openly in our work, and always follow company`s interests and principles of corporative ethics;
  • Do more with less efforts. We do our best to reach maximum results. We never stop on achieved and always strive for more;
  • Cooperation. Our plant work in one team and always are ready to give a helping hand to each other;
  • Keep an open mind. We openly express our views and listen to others. We always welcome non-typical ideas and approaches, and we also keep our minds open to innovations;
  • Professionalism and constant improving. The LLC RATEP-INNOVATSIYA seeks to support continuous personal development of our employees;
  • Innovations. Permanent retrieval and extension of innovation decisions and technologies. We accept and encourage all positive overpatching;
  • Responsibility. One should have a personal responsibility with the support from all colleagues;
  • To be keen on and determined person;
  • To esteem and concern for people welfare. We respect each person`s dignity.


The LLC RATEP-INNOVATSIYA by using most effective ways of business-process management approaches and produces the high-qualified and safe products for locomotive engineering and IT-integrations.

Our employees are proud of their achievements, our clients give their preference to our company, and we are also respected by our society. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for our employees to work, to form the corporative culture and to train team spirit.

We also help to solve each problem of our clients individually, because the LLC RATEP-INNOVATSIYA uses creativity and innovations in its developments.

Our company – is one of the largest plants in electrical equipment and locomotive engineering production. The LLC RATEP-INNOVATSIYA products can provide most part of requirements in diesel locomotive and electro-locomotive production on Russian and CIS markets.

The LLC RATEP-INNOVATSIYA plant has its offices which provide high-quality service throughout all sales geography.